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In East Devon, down at the mouth of the River Exe, there is a lively little town called Exmouth. A port city, Exmouth boasts sprawling stretches of sandy beach ideal for swimming, the flying of kites, sailing, and, as you can see in the scene above, wind-surfing.

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Between the promenade plentiful with colorful flowers and every sidewalk decorated with leaning palm trees, it feels much more Mediterranean than most places in the UK. Actually, it’s probably the only place in the UK that feels Mediterranean.

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As you get farther from the beach, everything begins to feel a little more English, and you’ll eventually be greeted with the smell of fish and chips swirling out of any number of little pubs and restaurants. Combined with the salty spray of the sea, it’s a temptation truly impossible to avoid, and you’ll soon find yourself wandering inside one of those little pubs in search of a table and a pint.

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Americans note: don’t forget the HP sauce.

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