Notes on Martinique:
Day 1 in Les Anses d’Arlet

We awoke the morning after our arrival in Martinique with an immediate need for one thing: the beach.


8:30 AM

Fortunately, our AirBNB was located mere meters from the often-photographed main dock in Les Anses d’Arlet and the two picturesque beaches on either side of it. The morning began with a stroll in the sand, many deep breaths of fresh, salty air, and some exploring around town.

What-to-Eat-in-Martinique-1 What-to-Eat-in-Martinique-7 What-to-Eat-in-Martinique-10 What-to-Eat-in-Martinique-16 What-to-Eat-in-Martinique-18
9:00 AM

Satisfied with our first look around town in the sunlight, we made our way back to the patisserie by our flat for some breakfast. The town patisserie was tucked inside an old yellow building with no signs and simple wooden-panel doors. Inside, trays and trays of baguettes, croissants, and various French pastry lay waiting for us behind glass cases.

What-to-Eat-in-Martinique-1 What-to-Eat-in-Martinique-3What-to-Eat-in-Martinique-2

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