Walking through Ravensburg is like stepping into the yellowed pages of a fantasy novel. Ravensburg-from-above-3

Sunlight shines on red roofs and casts everything around you in a warm glow. You walk along a cobbled street past buildings supported by ancient, massive, exposed wooden beams and lego-like gables. Somewhere, on one or two or three streets over, you know there is a line of young men dressed in tights and Tyrolean hats marching down the street in a drumline because you can hear the dum-da-da-dum-da-dum as you pass carts and tables loaded with freshly picked berries and fragrant breads and hand-carved wooden spoons. At the end of the street, a magnificent stone column stretches towards the sky and beckons you to come stand in its shadows and tilt your head back to gaze up at its medieval beauty one more time. You are in Ravensburg, the city of towers and gates, an other-worldly sort of place untouched for centuries by the angry fists of war and therefore filled with medieval fortifications and passages. Ravensburg-from-above-4

The 51-meter-tall Blaserturm is located in the city center and is  open every day  for visitors, locals, and passersby to venture up its many stairs for a unique bird’s-eye view of Ravensburg’s red roofs and windy streets. Ravensburg-from-above-5Ravensburg-from-above-6Ravensburg-from-above-11Ravensburg-from-above-13Ravensburg-from-above-8Ravensburg-from-above-14Ravensburg-from-above-23Ravensburg-from-above-16Ravensburg-from-above-17Ravensburg-from-above-18

So go ahead, take a deep breath and begin the hike up however many flights of stairs it is to the top, and enjoy the beautiful views of this vibrant city which seems to have been frozen in time. Oh, and it’s not an awful place for pictures, either. Ravensburg-from-above-21Ravensburg-from-above-22Ravensburg-from-above-24Ravensburg-from-above-27

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